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It’s over…

July 17, 2010

Went to a meeting yesterday. Nice folks. Sincere. Well meaning. Trying to help Southside Virginia get back on its economic feet. One problem. Of the 100 or so there, 95% were government. The rest enthralled by government. The solution to every problem is government. Government grants. Government tax breaks. Government organizing and coordination. The biggest problem was budget cutbacks.

I didn’t challenge them directly. I hate to attack someone’s religion. What I could have said was, Look. If you took the energy represented by you in this room, the taxpayer money you command, and turn it back to taxpayers to spend as they wish it would improve the economy, growing investment and creating jobs, and you would be out of work. But only temporarily, as the expanding economy would quickly put more of us to work.

Get rid of the entire apparatus, all the Economic Development Departments in the Commonwealth, all of the trade missions, etc., etc., ad nauseum and the money saved would probably allow us to get rid of the corporate income tax — and make Virginia truly the best place to do business!

Jobs would be real jobs, not subsidized directly or indirectly. Phony jobs created since they started bribing Big Business with our tax money, are mostly if not totally gone. If a job has to depend upon subsidy it cannot last longer than the subsidy—subject to the political whim.

A free market job depends on performance in the free market, not any arbitrary government action. If you think government decisions are superior to private ones then welcome to the Soviet Union!

Until we give up the addiction to Big Government we will continue a downward slide!

Unless Americans get over their addiction of Big Government, a prospect that seems extremely unlikely given the atmosphere in that room, then we are sunk! Welcome to the NUSSR, The New U. S. S. R.