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It’s over…

July 17, 2010

Went to a meeting yesterday. Nice folks. Sincere. Well meaning. Trying to help Southside Virginia get back on its economic feet. One problem. Of the 100 or so there, 95% were government. The rest enthralled by government. The solution to every problem is government. Government grants. Government tax breaks. Government organizing and coordination. The biggest problem was budget cutbacks.

I didn’t challenge them directly. I hate to attack someone’s religion. What I could have said was, Look. If you took the energy represented by you in this room, the taxpayer money you command, and turn it back to taxpayers to spend as they wish it would improve the economy, growing investment and creating jobs, and you would be out of work. But only temporarily, as the expanding economy would quickly put more of us to work.

Get rid of the entire apparatus, all the Economic Development Departments in the Commonwealth, all of the trade missions, etc., etc., ad nauseum and the money saved would probably allow us to get rid of the corporate income tax — and make Virginia truly the best place to do business!

Jobs would be real jobs, not subsidized directly or indirectly. Phony jobs created since they started bribing Big Business with our tax money, are mostly if not totally gone. If a job has to depend upon subsidy it cannot last longer than the subsidy—subject to the political whim.

A free market job depends on performance in the free market, not any arbitrary government action. If you think government decisions are superior to private ones then welcome to the Soviet Union!

Until we give up the addiction to Big Government we will continue a downward slide!

Unless Americans get over their addiction of Big Government, a prospect that seems extremely unlikely given the atmosphere in that room, then we are sunk! Welcome to the NUSSR, The New U. S. S. R.


Why Bother With New Business?

October 21, 2009
unless you are a giant, preferably foreign corporation with hooks in several communities across the U. S., are addicted to government “stimilus” money and quite willing to lie, like the giant Osage Corporation that the same county leaders hypocritically approved of last year. They got approval for a giant distillery to produce ethanol from corn, but their plans are on hold as resistance to this “gasohol” boondoggle mounts.  The LTE below appeared this week in several Southside Virginia newspapers but could apply  almost anywhere in the U. S.
Dear Editor

Should Mecklenburg’s Board of Supervisors’ decision making on development be replaced by public referendae?

Pressure is what the Board responds to— not necessarily the interests of all citizens. Voting for or against development according to the size of the applicant’s pocket book, the amount of taxpayer development or “Stimulus” money, or even how many show up at a meeting in support or opposition does not accurately reflect the needs of ALL Mecklenburg citizens. .

Making key decisions by only nine, or a few dozen who shout the loudest at a public meeting is neither accurate nor fair. We could go back to the old outworn concept of private property and minding ones’ own business— but that was abandoned long ago in favor of pleasing the loudest and grasping for as much federal and state “gub’mint” money as we could.

In applying for their tiny and legal moonshine still, the Ward’s made several mistakes:

-First perhaps was not having a huge corporation behind them, to build hundreds of stills, not one.

-They should have promised not family employment but dozens, perhaps hundreds of jobs.

-They could have offered to restore and reuse all of the empty country store buildings in Mecklenburg at, say, One Million Dollar each.

-They should have promised $Millions of Stimulus money diluted from the money supply that must be paid back by our grand children.

-Alcohol produced should have been for some useless purpose — like cutting our gas mileage and ruining car engines while driving up food prices from the use of millions of bushels of corn.

-Their backers, MegaCorp could have promised to hew the liberal line of “global climate change” and fund stupid, liberal, immoral, family and economy destroying projects.

-Finally, they could have offered to run typical chain convenience stores with filthy magazines on display— all within 500 feet of churches.

…but what do I know? I am only a Moonshine loving, Ignorant Hillbilly,