America is hooked on Big Government. Even if the political class can be pursuaded it must done, it will take a full generation to get ordinary citizens  unhooked.

Even before Obama is kicked out of the White House on January 20, 2013 the majority republicans in the House of Representatives could start the process by defunding unconstitutional and destructive Executive Branch activities and begin impeachment charges for treason and criminal activity against both the Chief Executive, many of his political appointees, and federal judges who routinely trash the Constitution. The Senate will not convict but the publicity can do nothing but help the conservative cause.

The House has the sole power to refuse to write the checks for any department or program it desires. In the words of one former congressman, “All they can do is whine.” A Trillion Dollars or more must be cut from this years budget. When the budget has grown more than One and a Half Trillions since 2008 it should not be difficult. And cuts do not have to touch curent spending on Medicare and Social Security, while keeping our commitments to our veterans as well. Nor do defense or other core, constitutional spending have to be cut.

1. End all unconstitutional federal government activity–some immediately, much over several years, only help for seniors will take 25 years, until we are all dead. Young people will have to start saving for their own retirement and old age illness.

2. Entire departments for which the plain language of the Constitution give no authority, such as Labor, Agricultural, Education, Housing and Urban Development, could have spending all but eliminated and save us at least a half-Trillion. The small amount of each department’s activity that is constitutional could be handed over to other departments.

3. Half the federal workforce does little or nothing but get in the way of the half that do work. The average federal employee costs the taxpayer twice as much as those doing comparable work in the private workforce. The total cost of the federal payroll could therefore be cut in half almost immediately. Tougher workrules could ensure the remaining employees had to work for their pay.

4. Defund all activity relating to labor law enforcement, to free up private employers who are now treated like criminals, to hire again. The EEOC, OSHA, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act all must be abolished. But for now they can be defunded. They are all unconstitutional and destructive of liberty.

More soon…


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