For American Founders, the basics were first and foremost their heritage in the development of  English law, of Christian culture, and the Bible. They were well read in both classic and modern (for their day) literature regarding man, his purpose and place in the world and his relationship with government. They were thus armed to create this, so far un-repeatable, experiment in ordered liberty.

Do you find it odd, as I do, that no country, that I am aware of, has yet adopted even our form of government, opting instead for parliamentary systems instead? Nor has any put in place such severe restrictions upon what their national government could do, nor created the degree of federalism we had at our founding and for at least the next 87 years. The Founders knew it would not last, as indeed it has not, unless men were concerned for their eternal salvation– for no mere earthly restraint will long work. Such men needed to be well informed, and “eternally vigilant” — ready to strike out at usurpers of power at the first hint. That it has lasted only in part for as long as it has is indeed a miracle. That we and previous generations have let it go should not surprise any student of history. It was great while it lasted! What to do now?

Do we go out with a bang or a whimper? Growing numbers of otherwise thoughtful and responsible conservatives are suggesting that economic and social collapse are inevitable—- followed by civil war and attempts by foreign powers to invade and/or take over by other means our assets and influence in the world, that these United States could then likely break up into several “new nations” each too weak to hold out against worldly forces arrayed against us.  Or we could face a slower decline, as many say— like that of the European Union, ending in— who knows what? Likely, civil war and the above scenario. Only it would be put off for a few years or decades. Most of us would be dead by then, living enslaved in the meantime.

Me? I prefer the bang to the whimper. There is nothing I hate more than the slow decline of anything. Old houses being left to the elements to eventually fall down. Or nations. I’d much rather go out in style, as a free man— even if blown to bits! That is why fighting for liberty, even if a hopeless cause is preferable to a live of increasing slavery and hopelessness. Nothing so sharpens the wits as bullets flying at you. And nothing is so stultifying, soul destroying as a Soviet style existence, waiting in line for a few scraps of bread— or medical care! “In the long run, we are all dead” anyway.

One thing sure, not in the lifetime of even my grand children will this experiment in liberty likely be reproduced anywhere on earth. We are indeed the “last great hope” on earth!

What we have now is gone bad. Unsustainable. Due to collapse soon. The only way we can stave off either the bang or the whimper is through a supreme and uncompromising effort, using the political machinery at our disposal, to not only thwart the efforts of Obama, et al, but also to reverse the long trend into unconstitutional government. The entire welfare state must go, along with the bureaucratic police state, and the endless foreign interventions. We must go all the way back to the Constitutional limits on government or we will end up only temporarily, perhaps half-way back up the slippery slope, only putting off for a time the inevitable.

We can stand alone on top of the world once again, through our vast economic power and the threat of our military power, not having to use it and not trying to re-make other nations in our image. Most of all is (or was) our spiritual power as the last great bastion of Christianity against the Pagan secularization of the world. To succeed we will have to defeat liberals, the Democrat Party, the Ruling Class in both parties, secularists among republicans conservatives and Tea Party secularists. Not only are freedom, peace and prosperity here on earth at stake but our eternal destiny as well.



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